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Yes. I need some opinions on my hair. I have a butt-load of split ends in my hair. Its about the length goes to my bra...yea, something like that. Its almost like it stopped growing because of my split ends. Lol.

They do go up pretty high, like just below my neck. Yea, lots of split ends. Well obviously I need to cut my hair but for one thing I REFUSE to cut my hair so short. Plus I also really dont look good with such short hair.

My face is relatively round, some say oval. I have cheeks. Lol. Also, I'm not really into the "classic" haircuts. I like more modern and I guess the cliche rock hairstyles. Haha.

I've loved the visual kei-esque hairstyles and whatnot for quite a few years. But I dont want to be like a cliche scene girl like someone said too me. I know it was a a joke and stuff but still...I take that to heart b/c I dont like looking all "copycat" or unoriginal and stuff. IDK.

But heres a pic of me:

Not the best pic of my face shape but hey. Maybe it'll work. If anyone has suggestions or even links to where I can look at rad pics of haircuts...other than goggle. Haha.

Thanks my hotties! :D
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