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PS. I don't actually use my LJ except for the communities I'm apart of. In other words for commenting on awesome stories and entries of others. So I'm on everyday just not making new entries. Thanks and love.

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Maybe a year or longer since my last entry. Much has happened and much has changed but I don't really speak about it on here.

I'll continuously say this but I'm always on Twitter and Tumblr. I've got Facebook but that's mostly for family and people I actually talk to on twitter. If you want, then let me know. Otherwise I removed the link.

But yes. Venting and fangirling happens on Twitter. Reblogging pretty things, and things I love are on Tumblr.

There ya go. I'm alive just clearly not through here. In case some people check up on this journal, which I assume not many do.

*blows off cobwebs and dust* Needs some upkeeping.

Me, myself, and I

So...I got bored yesterday after coming home from work. Of course typical...take some pics and like only 5 or something. I thought I'd share. >.>

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I guess in this case only 4. Maybe I'll do more this weekend. Hmph.
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Yes. I need some opinions on my hair. I have a butt-load of split ends in my hair. Its about the length goes to my bra...yea, something like that. Its almost like it stopped growing because of my split ends. Lol.

They do go up pretty high, like just below my neck. Yea, lots of split ends. Well obviously I need to cut my hair but for one thing I REFUSE to cut my hair so short. Plus I also really dont look good with such short hair.

My face is relatively round, some say oval. I have cheeks. Lol. Also, I'm not really into the "classic" haircuts. I like more modern and I guess the cliche rock hairstyles. Haha.

I've loved the visual kei-esque hairstyles and whatnot for quite a few years. But I dont want to be like a cliche scene girl like someone said too me. I know it was a a joke and stuff but still...I take that to heart b/c I dont like looking all "copycat" or unoriginal and stuff. IDK.

But heres a pic of me:

Not the best pic of my face shape but hey. Maybe it'll work. If anyone has suggestions or even links to where I can look at rad pics of haircuts...other than goggle. Haha.

Thanks my hotties! :D

following the crowd.

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it.

why not?

I just feel the need to say something...

...about the recent stuff thats been happening involving a little magazine. First I just wanna say that I'm not one to make judgements about people online. In person thats totes different b/c I can just be a douche like that. LOL.

But when it comes to the internet I hate making judgements about a person when all they've been is nice and pretty awesome. Plus if they haven't done anything to me personally than I assume that they're a decent person. If I see drama going on in the fandom I most def stay out of it b/c, hello, it has nothing to do w/ me.

Soo...the following is going under a cut. Feel free to pass along. :)

Collapse ) wrap this hella long entry up. I also don't know what to think. I've been seeing peoples responses and her response to all this and I'm just confused. Deep down I don't wanna think the worst and I wanna believe that we'll get what we asked for which is the coveted magazine. But than again so many people have had issues and I'm on the fence. IDW what to believe. All I know is that if I dont get my magazine soon I'm gonna do something. Involving paypal and getting my 19.45 back because this is honestly just ridiculous.

/end rant.

EDIT: Yea so I just told my boss about this drama shit (I walked into work and...yea it started w/ me saying it wasn't a good night). He basically said that I can sue her. I mean yes its just a damn magazine but for fucks sake, you live in bloody NY. My friend in Germany got to me within a few days. HELLO!! Germany! Overseas damn it. Plus since everyone whos "bought" said magazine from her has said their point, we can basically file a class action suit to the state attorney general I believe, in New York.

Trying to scare someone? That is quite possible. Yes supposedly shes in the hospital. But you know what. Like I said above the magazines were "sent out" on the 29th of last month. Its been almost a month. No matter what the hell happened, within these weeks everyone should've got the magazine already. If there were issues, we should've been notified of it so we know. But we didnt. Therefore, as my boss said, we can all do something if necessary, which I hope its not, and give a deadline. Its beyond something small now.

This honestly shouldn't have happened. I really hope we dont need to do something so drastic as taking it to the state, but its a possibility that I honestly wouldn't mind taking action for. So...yea.

Xmas Presents.

OK. I'm gonna try and do some Xmas shopping for my lovelies on here. I want to get some of you at least one or 2 things. I'd feel amazing. :D

So if I you did a little xmas wishlist whether on th_wishlist or on your journal and I commented saying I'd love to try and send you something, leave your address OOORRR send it to me via email. So peoples addresses arent floating around online.

My email is

OR I'll leave a message here to you lovelies asking for your address. So I can stalk you. HA! Just kidding. :D

Yay! How exciting. <3<3

ps. I'm leaving this public for a bit so be aware. I'll change it to friends only later.